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Gift Wrapping 101

Shopping for gifts can be an enjoyable activity, but wrapping them all is another story. Figuring out how to wrap all of your gifts, especially odd-shaped or large gifts, can be a holiday hassle. Before you pull out the paper, tape, and bows, read through these tips to make gift wrapping as easy as possible
Have all of your supplies in one place. Keep a good stock of tape, ribbons, gift bags, tags, tissue paper, and bows. Purchase a new pair of scissors to leave with your gift wrapping supplies, to save you the chore of hunting down scissors each time you need to wrap a present. 

Purchase a good container to hold all of your gift wrapping supplies. A long rectangular plastic container that can fit under a bed is a good solution. Fill it with supplies you can purchase at a discount during the after holiday sales. Then next year, you will not be hunting for materials or having to pay full price.

To avoid those instances when you've cut paper and find that it doesn't quite fit around the box, measure it before you cut. You don't have to pull out the measuring tape, however. Just keep a long piece of string handy and wrap it around your box first. Overlap the ends an inch or two and then use this length to measure the correct amount of wrapping paper.

Wrapping oddly shaped or large gifts can be vexing. Gift bags come in all sizes from very small to very large and can accommodate those items that are difficult to wrap. Other gifts may not fit into a gift bag. These require creativity to successfully wrap. Plastic storage boxes, tablecloths, sheets, blankets, or decorative garbage cans can be use to hold gifts, and end up becoming additional gifts in themselves. Long, skinny gifts can be contained in dryer vent tubing that can be purchased at your local home improvement center.

If your gift is particularly large, like a bicycle, you can often get an oversized refrigerator, oven, or dishwasher box from an appliance store. Remove one end of the box, gift wrap the box, and then simply place the box over the gift. Rather than unwrapping the gift, your recipient will lift the box to reveal the present.

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